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Deadrat mountain dulcimers are available in triangular, teardrop and hourglass shapes plus the double-staffed duet or "courting" dulcimer. Every one is carefully and lovingly built by hand by Clive Quinn. His work ethic is that every instrument must not only sound beautiful but must look beautiful too. Each design is available in a choice of Jarrah  or Tasmanian oak back and sides with a Western red cedar soundboard. 



 triangular shaped dulcimer, our least expensive model. This one has Australian oak back and sides with a Western red cedar top and a Jarrah fingerboard.


This instrument is based on the shape of an early European board zither, one of the forerunners of the mountain dulcimer. The back and sides are figured Jarrah and the top is cedar. The hand made friction pegs were turned from Western Rosewood. The pierced and carved soundhole 'rose' and the hand carved peghead contribute to the traditional look of the instrument. The sound is much louder than a normal dulcimer due to the bridge being sited directly onto the soundboard.


This is the hourglass dulcimer. The most beautiful shape of all. Also the most difficult ( and the most satisfying ) shape to make. Note that the top part (or bout ) of the instrument is smaller than the bottom part. This helps to equalise the treble and the bass response in much the same way as the guitar does. This one has a fantastic bookmatched sheoak back and sides and hand made abalone diamond shaped position markers. This one is Clive's own dulcimer. You can hear it playing at the Fairbridge music festival in April.


Clive's design of the 'duet' or 'courting' dulcimer, made to be played by two people at the same time, or tuned to two different modes. One side has five strings with a bone nut and bridge, and has a fast, bright sound perfect for Irish jigs and reels. The four strings on the other side have a blackbutt wood nut and bridge giving a warmer and more mellow sound.


This is the DEADRAT "knee banjo". It looks like a banjo and sounds like a banjo but is played horizontally on your lap like a dulcimer. It has a loud but not raucous sound and can really drive the music along. Can be played using both melody and drone strings, or just the double melody strings for a solo effect. Constructed from solid jarrah with a tunable head.